how we work with our clients

The Happy Haus approach strikes the perfect balance between design, quality and cost. We’re with you from start to finish. From the first design meeting through to entering your new home, we take care of every single step of the design, approvals and construction process.

Our clients have the option to choose one of our pre-designed architectural homes or work with our in-house team of architects to design totally bespoke architectural home.

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our approach to design

Our business is built on the knowledge that the housing market in Australia is overdue for some innovation. And on the understanding that homes on any budget can be designed well and built with care through a process that gives equal consideration to design and cost outcomes.

We love to build homes that are truly great places to be, places for rich and fulfilling lives. We create spaces that are beautiful and practical, engage with their surrounds and maximise the ability to enjoy the benefits of life in the subtropics.

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how we ensure projects are viable

We believe in getting the budget right from the start.  Our architects and builders work hand-in-hand to ensure we design and build the best home for the available budget.

How can we do this?

  1. Our architecture and building teams work together on every project from day 1
  2. We strike a balance between design, quality and cost by working with our clients to understand what is most important to them
  3. We are experts in prefabricated and onsite construction and find the right solution for each and every project
  4. We cost check our projects at every major stage and get real time feedback on design decisions to avoid any surprises
  5. We provide fixed price building contracts
  6. We work with trusted consultants who understand what it takes to design and build a Happy Haus project.