architectural homes

with our pre-designed architectural homes we’ve already done most of the work for you.

our unique designs set us apart. a pre-designed happy haus homes makes an impact because lets face it, who wants another run-of-the-mill project home. think clean lines, beautiful design, standout interiors. The kind of home that will inspire you.

need a little more detail

understanding your brief

One of our expert team will listen to your project needs and provide an overview of how Happy Haus can help to create your dream home. Our pre-designed homes are able to meet:

  • a variety of client briefs, family sizes and budgets
  • different lot sizes and lot widths
  • varying site conditions and solar orientations
  • multiple council planning schemes.

Once we understand your project brief and the opportunities and constraints of your site our expert team will make recommendations on which pre-designed Happy Haus homes may work for you.

An initial deposit will be payable to cover the preliminary costs of a contour survey, siting of the preferred plan on your property and a fully costed new home proposal.

make it yours

We realise that each client is  unique. Happy Haus provides the opportunity to work with our team of in-house architects to optimise elements of your chosen design to make it your very own.

We work with each client to examine the the solar performance of your desired plan, the glazing and eaves according to your location and site orientation and small changes to any of our layouts.

When it comes to finishes and fittings we can guide you through the endless choices that are available. We have pre selected items that ensure effective balance of:

  • cost
  • style
  • availability
  • maintenance
  • practicality
  • quality
  • sustainability.

All of these services will help to make our Happy Haus designs your very own.

design finalisation

During the design development phase the team will work to deliver a detailed internal and external 3D model, which is accompanied by drawings of all joinery, lighting and electrical layouts, door and window types and sizes, colours and finishes.

During this phase our building and design teams will work hand in hand to manage any required changes that have occurred. We don’t believe in nasty surprises.

building your home

Once any design changes have been resolved and final pricing agreed it’s time to break out the tools. Happy Haus and its partner building teams will manage all aspects of the build, including:

  • required approvals
  • construction
  • management of sub-contractors
  • connection to services.

Our partner building teams are there to make sure every client is informed throughout the process and all our teams provide feedback at every stage. Working in conjunction with our architects and consultant teams we ensure quality outcomes for each and every client.