Developers Save With Happy Haus Quality Relocatable Sales Displays

They may be known for innovative architectural design but Happy Haus is not a one-trick pony.

Happy Haus are regularly sought after for high quality architecturally designed sales displays for off the plan projects.

So what makes Happy Haus stand out from the crowd?

Lachlan Grant, General Manager / Director of Happy Haus said it is definitely their emphasis on architecture and re-usability.

“Whether it be a Happy Haus designed building or in a situation where we work with the developers teams, from design right through to marketing, we are able to ensure that the space that is created matches the vision for the development and enhances the client experience,” Mr Grant said.

“First impressions are obviously so important. Our displays create a great first impression for projects and set a tone of architectural quality.”

Mr Grant said developers make good clients for Happy Haus because they are knowledgeable, typically are clear on what the budget is and what the timing is.

“With this we are able to give really solid advice and help them achieve their goals,” he said.

Happy Haus recently worked on projects for the Walker Corporation and the Kais Family. Mr Grant said the clients have provided great feedback on the success of these projects.

“All the projects – be they house & land or apartments have sold very successfully,” Mr Grant said.

“Having a design manager working with the developer early in the process helps establish what is and is not possible and to map out a budget and timeframe.”

Westmark Project

In 2013 Walker Corporation commissioned Happy Haus to design & construct a Sales Office for the Westmark project.

Sales for the project went through the roof and in mid-2014 they had sold up to their presale target and requested that Happy Haus find a new owner for their display.

Opera Project

The Kaias Family were readying to launch their Opera project on Cordelia Street in South Brisbane and were quick to enter dealings to purchase a second hand display that had worked well for another developer.

Happy Haus managed the sale, removal from the original site and installation into the new site.

Walker Corporation was able to salvage circa 50 per cent of their original investment, a fantastic bonus for them.

The Kaias Family were able to save circa 30 per cent of the cost that Walker Corporation spent and will also be able to on-sell the display.

The Benefits

Mr Grant says Happy Haus have been really fortunate to be able to work with some great developers including the likes of Lend Lease, Mirvac, Metro and of course our current clients in Walker Corp and Abcor Property Holdings.

“In general prefabricated / relocatable buildings are a perfect solution for sites in transition and have been extremely popular,” he said.

“The fact that we also have the ability to on-sell or relocate the building for our client’s is also a great advantage for this type of solution and something that our clients are finding increasingly attractive about our solution.

“In many cases clients can expect to recoup up to 50 per cent of their initial investment rather than demolish the investment.”

Originally published in The Urban Developer, Monday 11th November 2014.