westmark display suite

Gallery Plans

As part of a hugely successful project sales and marketing campaign, Happy Haus worked with the developer and property marketing group to deliver the sales display for the iconic Westmark Milton display.

The 158 square metre building (18m x 8.8m) was a custom designed Happy Haus and served as the display suite for the successful Westmark Milton residential project for 12 months. The display was critical in helping the developer meet its pre-sale hurdles, helping them to move on to the construction phase earlier than initially anticipated.

The display suite was designed and constructed to showcase the highest level of quality with 3m floor to ceiling heights and polished timber floorboards throughout.

A dedicated reception desk was wrapped in marble, and a number of gallery spaces, a meeting room, a model display room, store room and functioning bathroom completed the design.

The building has since been on-sold by the developer to act as a sale display for a new Brisbane development allowing the developer to recoup some of the initial investment. The developer will remove the internal display, allowing an easy retrofit of the interior.

Project was completed in 2013.

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