south stradbroke haus

A fun family holiday home that matches an island lifestyle to multi-functional living

Starting at $450,000

"Please note this price is a guide only, based on the standard specifications at the time of construction. Upgrades, site works and logistics costs are priced per project. All prices include GST."

Area: 316m2
Gallery Plans

This home embodies the casual nature of island life.

The owners of the home, who were attracted to the site due to their boating lifestyle, wanted to be able to separate the living, master bed and guest wings so that the functionality of the home can effectively expand and contract as required.

The site enjoys a beautiful Northern aspect along its length, allowing the three pavilion zones to be arranged around a central deck and courtyard, framing the view to the water beyond. With water views orientated due West, the rear outdoor living zones have been designed to maximise their ability to be used in all weather conditions, through the use of sliding screens, fixed insect mesh to high level openings and layered openings to shield the interior from wet weather, while allowing the doors to remain open and connected to the garden and water beyond.

Due for completion in 2017.

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