henson haus

Clean lines, sky views and a grassed courtyard for these first time builders.

Area: 167m2
Gallery Plans

When Happy Haus was approached about a brief taking architecture to the suburbs, we could have not been more excited. The challenge of creating something that was architecturally interesting and functional, in an emerging Brisbane suburb, proved to be both a rewarding and challenging experience.It was especially exciting as our clients were not only designing and building for the first time, they were first home buyers.

The clients’ aim was to create spaces that support their lifestyle and minimalist aesthetic. The interior of the house is characterised by its’ open, flexible layout, use of natural light and connection to the outdoors. In planning the spaces of the house, the goal was to cleverly configure spaces so that they are efficient yet flexible, keeping overall area of the house down, so as to maximize available budget for intended sustainability measures and elements such as the use of natural timber and polished concrete floors.

Simplicity of both form and colour was a key underlying principles of the design of the exterior of the building. A considered solution to site planning was also required in order to maximise the northern aspect to the rear of the house without compromising privacy.

Completed in early 2018.

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