handsome haus

A minimalist pad for a pared-back lifestyle

Area: 190 m2
Gallery Plans

This project reflects our client’s love of the local Byron Bay surroundings, climate and community, and their priority for a minimalist, pared-back lifestyle. They wanted a house that felt like they were living on a deck, in the sun, with simple and stylish spaces.

The program of spaces thoughtfully arranges the floor plan on the 210 sqm site. Behind a battened veil that wraps the upper level of the house, glazed doors were embraced, dramatizing the local neighbourhood views.

The self-contained spaces on the ground floor are open to North facing tropical gardens where our client’s friends can stay and relax in between beach swims. The garage acts as an intermediate space and is designed in a way that it can also be used as an outdoor living area with a connection to the Northern gardens and the outdoor bath.

The building edges are seen as opportunities for small interventions; plants, creepers, water, stones and seats. On the rear edge, an outdoor bath, sheltered under the building and surrounded by perforated bricks, creates a little oasis.

Due for completion in early 2019.

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