gap haus

A single story home for a family who don’t want to leave

Area: 276m2

After looking at a number of options to improve the current home, our client’s came to Happy Haus to explore the option to knock down and rebuild. Having lived in the area for a many years, our clients have a love for the community and surrounding environment and had a desire to replace the existing property with a new design led home that responded to the site. A place where their children’s families could grow up.

The brief required the home to have flexibility for a maturing family. This included careful consideration to the location of sleeping and living areas to meet not only the current family structure but also the family over time.

The courtyard typology was used in order to address orientation on the site, balance separation and connection in the floor plan and provide an important connection to the garden.

The design has been crafted to perform on the site. The building’s roof will protect the occupants from the harsh Summer sun while warm Winter sun is invited into the light filled Outdoor Room, in the center of the courtyard, where the family spend their time.

Project due for completion in late 2018.

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