gainsborough greens sales centre

As one of the biggest developers in Australia, producing quality developments at the highest standard, it was important to create a sales centre that reflected the development.

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When planning their new Gold Coast estate, Gainsborough Greens, Mirvac selected Happy Haus as the partner to construct a welcoming sales office that conveyed the estate’s ‘Live Well’ tagline.

In a fantastic example of developer and supplier working collaboratively in the pursuit of a fantastic outcome, Happy Haus worked closely with the Mirvac design team to explain how modular construction can be an economical and effective way to quickly deliver projects.

The Mirvac team quickly settled on a design and Happy Haus went to work. The office comprises  two open plan office and display pods joined by a glass walled module that connects the two structures. The two modules house all the elements required to effectively allow prospective clients to experience all the development has to offer. A reception desk, offices, meeting room, kitchen, two bathrooms and an open plan display area are all easily enclosed in the area.

Added to this is an outdoors pod with a deck that leads into the surrounding landscape, enabling visitors to get a taste for the lifestyle of Green Park.

Being an adaptable and moveable product, Mirvac now has the flexibility to use the pod for future developments, saving them both time and money. The sales display is a perfect example of the quality of design and flexibility of Happy Haus.

The project was completed in 2012.

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