on-site building options

Since our inception in 2009, Happy Haus has been looking for innovative and cost effective ways to help more of our clients experience great design in their homes. Our original approach was to control the design and construction process through a prefabricated housing solution.

While this continues to provide a highly effective construction solution in many instances there are many instances when our client’s sites, budgets or design brief are not best serviced by a prefabricated build and the project calls for a different approach.

This has led to the creation of our on-site construction offering for both our bespoke homes and also our new pre-designed architectural ranges.

when is on-site building the right solution?

meeting the budget

Building with traditional construction methods and the established on-site supply chains is highly efficient in terms of overall price. These systems, while perhaps not always innovative, have been refined for decades and have now even started to attract high levels of prefabrication for certain elements, such as pre-nailed frames and roof truss systems.

Where an on-site building program has an advantage over off-site is in the elimination of the extra layer of transport and installation costs required to transport and install fully completed buildings. Think costly items such as trucks, road closures and cranes.

location and condition of site

The opposite of the remote site is the urban setting where easy availability of trades lesson the need to bring together the required skills under one roof. By working with the established on-site supply chains our client’s don’t necessarily save on materials and labour but they do save on transport and installation costs.

Another factor associated with site conditions are urban features such as powerlines, existing houses, narrow roads and heavy traffic areas. These factors can either rule out an prefabricated construction solution or sway the favour back in to the advantage of on-site construction program due to added cost or complexity.

design flexibility

The extent of design flexibility can be somewhat determined by the construction method. There is a relationship between the level of prefabrication and the level of design flexibility.

Happy Haus projects that are designed for an on-site build program have the ability to step outside the transportable envelope to meet the client’s brief and site conditions easily without the transport considerations.

what does this all mean?

We are often asked which solution is right for our client’s projects and the simple answer is that we evaluate each project individually.

As we’re experts in design and construction our focus is about creating the best architectural design and build solution to suit your dream home and budget.