single storey series – sky view haus

Windows to the sky, creates an efficient separation of living and sleeping spaces which define this family home.

Starting at $305,000

"Please note this price is a guide only, based on the standard specifications at the time of construction. Upgrades, site works and logistics costs are priced per project. All prices include GST."

Area: 233m2
Gallery Plans
The sky view haus is designed for families that require a mixture of private and common areas. Rethinking the way space is utilised throughout the plan, the sky view has reshapes many traditional elements of the single storey home.


The central spine of this home is made up of utility spaces that are flooded with natural light and ventilation from high level windows. These utility nooks are arranged strategically to create a buffer between sleeping and living spaces. Bedrooms achieve privacy and separation while the kitchen, dining and living spaces connect to each other by glass doors, a courtyard and an outdoor room.


The outdoor room is a lantern that addresses the street which can be opened up as a terrace, closed down as a private outdoor dining space or utilised as a secure, shaded play room for children. Lush gardens book end the main circulation zone creating connection, views and ventilation from the front to back of this plan. The flexibility of this plan allows Happy Haus to adjust this floor plan to suit the orientation and context of your site.
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