bespoke architectural homes

The Happy Haus approach to designing your dream home is just a little bit different.

at happy haus we work with clients every day to design and build bespoke architectural homes. we invest in the best people with our multi-disciplinary teams consisting of architects, builders, estimators, and construction managers all working together to make the design and budget work together from the beginning.

homes as individual as the lives you lead and the people you are.

need a little more detail

your project brief

We listen to you.

Listening allows us to understand what you are hoping to create with your new home project. Only then does our team of in-house architects offer expert advice to match a client’s brief, timeline, site and budget.

Once we’ve presented our initial thoughts and our Architectural Services Proposal is in place, we will commence the project with a second briefing session. Your project architect will have a more detailed discussion with you at that point, getting to know even more about your individual personality, lifestyle and aspirations for your home.

We understand that it’s not always possible to have a crystal clear vision of exactly what you would like to achieve and/or whether this is possible on your site and within your budget. In this early phase of the process we continue to refine your brief, understand the relevant constraints and opportunities of your site and confirm the feasibility of the project, in close collaboration with our building team.

concept design

Once you have confirmed our reverse brief (what we heard you told us) and reviewed the initial sketch design, we will proceed to the concept design phase of work.

The key difference in the way we work, compared with the conventional model of architectural design is that we work closely with our building team from day one. Through a close collaboration, we are able to ensure the practicalities of constructing your new home are considered and incorporated in to the design from the outset, rather than attempting to make significant cost savings once the detailed design has been completed.

The way we work is designed to ensure that the process is as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, with early collaboration with our trusted consultants and building teams essential to the success of our projects. As we all process information in different ways, we utilise a range of design tools, such as:

  • hand drawing
  • 2D drawings (such as plans and elevations)
  • digital 3D models

We find this approach helps our clients to clearly understand the design for their home no matter what their level of experience is.

At the conclusion of this stage of work our building team will undertake a detailed preliminary pricing exercise to confirm the project is on budget, prior to proceeding with detailed documentation.

design development and documentation

Once the pricing for your preferred concept design has been signed off, your Happy Haus Project Architect will move the project through the design development stage. The two key outcomes of this stage are the lodgement of your Development Application to local council (if required) and the resolution of all internal and external details.

During the design development phase the team will work to deliver a detailed internal and external 3D model, which is accompanied by drawings of all joinery, lighting and electrical layouts, door and window types and sizes, colours and finishes. We run design workshops with you and walk you through the 3D model of your house so you can see all the material colours and layouts of internal rooms and joinery.

When it comes to the selection of finishes and fittings we will work with you to ensure effective balance of:

  • cost
  • style
  • availability
  • maintenance
  • practicality
  • quality
  • sustainability.

Once we have worked through your detailed selections, your Happy Haus architect will create the relevant drawings and schedules required for construction.

During this phase our building teams will work hand in hand to manage any required changes that have occurred through the design development phase, providing cost advice on any design changes to assist in your decision making process.

Once the detailed design is complete our team will coordinate with any required consultants (eg: structural engineer) obtaining service quotes and managing the coordination of all consultants’ information on your behalf.

building your home

Once any design changes have been resolved and final pricing agreed, it’s time to break out the tools. Happy Haus and its licensed partner building teams will manage all aspects of the build, including:

  • required Approvals
  • construction
  • management of sub-contractors
  • connection to services.

Our licensed building teams are there to make sure every client is informed throughout the process and all our teams provide regular feedback at every stage. Working in conjunction with our architects and consultant teams we ensure quality outcomes for every client and make sure that you understand exactly what’s happening every step of the way. Importantly, all of our projects are run on fixed price contracts, so there are never nasty surprises through the build process. It’s a straightforward team-orientated process where we all work to deliver the best outcome to our client.