our Vision

creating homes where design, quality and cost can be equal partners.

Every Australian should have the opportunity to own a dream home designed by an architect. Australia has produced some of the world’s best architects, but sadly they design only three percent of Australian homes. We understand that some people who appreciate beautiful design can’t always afford it. Happy Haus wants to make owning a dream home designed by an architect a possibility for everyone – a home that balances design, cost and quality.

our History

Happy Haus was born when a young man was building his first home. With a perfect block of land in Brisbane’s suburb of Paddington and iconic architecture firm Donovan Hill designing a perfect pad, he thought he would be the happiest man alive. But, as the project went on the experience started to make him unhappy.

Extended timeframes, building budget blowouts and no home to sleep in, he started to understand why so many people became stressed and disappointed when building homes. Far from being satisfied with the process, he decided to come up with a solution to fix the problem… hello Happy Haus!

The next chapter

In 2015 Happy Haus launched a new offering for its clients, which saw Happy Haus apply its design lead approach to on-site building methods. The Australian landscape is flooded with streets of homes that look identical. The scramble to chase the lowest square metre rate of construction has shoved design considerations from the builder’s table resulting in a range of cookie cutter options for the Australian consumer.

Happy Haus homes challenge this approach to designing and building. There is clear evidence that design, cost and quality can be equal partners. With careful design and planning, we ensure our clients have homes that are efficient, offer optimal quality and the daily satisfaction of stylish and practical living.


The first Happy Haus homes were designed and built using our modular building system to overcome issues such as building program time and location of our clients’ properties. We have delivered many modular projects across Australia, and have homes in some of Australia’s most amazing locations. Working with modular construction we learned important lessons in relation to efficiency in design and planning, refinement of documentation, speed of build and logistics.

While modular building and prefabrication remain in the Happy Haus DNA, the approach didn’t solve all of our client’s issues and led Happy Haus to establish an on-site build offering for its clients.

our People

Lachlan Grant
Managing Director

Toby Lewis
Founding Director

Brian Donovan
Founding Director

Jessica Hardwick
Lead Architect

Lucia Wellington
Project Architect

Michael Custance
Project Draftsman

Aidan Weir
Student of Architecture

Carl Donaldson
Student of Architecture